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Fic: Misery Acquaints (Donnelly & Reese, Gen)

Title: Misery Acquaints (at AO3)

Author: black-glance

Pairing/Characters: Gen (Nicholas Donnelly, Harold Finch, John Reese)

Rating: PG

Summary: Not so much a fix-it as wholly AU after 2x11. John Reese may be having a bad day, but it’s nothing on the day Agent Donnelly is having.

Warnings: None.

Keywords: Action/Adventure, Case Fic, Plotty, Fix-It, Bickering, Shooting Things, Uneasy Allies

Word Count: ~14,000

(Holy mother of god, it’s finally finished. I’ve been working on this non-stop since 2x11 aired. I can finally do things like breathe and eat and sleep and plot a sequel.)

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    This is just wonderful! I am so broken up that Agent Donnelly is dead on the show. I love having him around in fanfics....
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